Transformative Design Collaborations

“TILT are a truly innovative design practice, leading the thinking and delivery of collaborative spaces. Their participative design approach actively encourages engagement in design, embedding collaboration through the process and transforming culture.”
Frank Rexach, Vice President & General Manager, Haworth Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa & Latin America


Our practice of codesign challenges a series of fundamental assumptions about the nature and process of design. This expression of creativity is dependent on more things than great ideas or an ability to paint or draw. The challenge is to understand and access the inherent and behavioural knowledge we all have of our surroundings and environments and put that to work to shift perspective to impact the design of the spaces we use.

Like anything that centres on human actions and experience, there is an emotional component to the codesign process. This approach can have a transformative effect, as the space develops, a purposeful narrative is shaped and evolved by its users, which extends to the furniture and objects within the space. Our process creates spaces that are impactful and strengthen the communities of users who use them.

Collaborating with the end-users at the beginning of a project ensures that on a practical level, the space is fit for purpose from all perspectives; beyond this, it creates a cultural relationship to the space by providing a sense of ownership which ultimately leads to better design, cost effective ideas and a more flexible space.

Codesign, as a way of thinking, challenges the perceived needs for a space by formulating a workshop approach that brings people together for interaction and cross-pollination of ideas. It also pushes back against expectations, often unearthing ideas and comments that would not have been raised with a singular approach to the brief.

Activity-based workshops combine elements including qualitative and quantitative research, prototyping, blueprinting, collective learning and crowd-sourced design solutions. The process brings people together to interact and share ideas; challenging perceived needs and uncovering what is really required for a space to be successful.

The codesign process is solution focused, taking its lead from the client’s goals. It produces spaces and designs that deliver maximum value for those that use them every day.

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